Arc Sight

ArcSight is a security management tool designed to track and analyze data insights and it ensures compliance with policy guidelines. It provides organizations with the real-time security information that can be used to detect and respond to threats quickly and effectively.

Apica helps you to forward logs to the arc sight using the forwarder plugin.

Supported Forwarding Formats

Apica enables users to quickly and easily forward logs in various formats to security tools, simplifying processing and analysis. The supported formats are,

  • Syslog CEF

  • ArcSight CEF

Steps to Create Arc Sight Forwarding

  • Expand the Create menu from the navigation bar and click Forwarder

  • Select the Arc Sight based on the type of format you want to use

  • Click New Forwarder button at the top right corner

  • Provide the host of the Arc Sight and the name of the forwarder

  • Click Create

Once the forwarder is associated with a specific namespace/application or with various log attributes, the logs that match these criteria will be sent to ArcSight for further analysis.

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