Data fabric for observability provides businesses with a flexible framework to quickly respond to changes in the environment and enable businesses to adapt as conditions evolve. This is especially important in today’s dynamic digital landscape where organizations must be able to quickly react and adjust their infrastructure as needed. With a data fabric for observability, companies can take advantage of the most up-to-date technologies and platforms while maintaining a comprehensive view of their operations. This kind of proactive approach allows businesses to make intelligent decisions.

Apica simplifies real-time streaming services through the establishment of "forwarders" within our platform – these forwarders can be associated with a namespace and application or with any featured attribute in the message itself. All it takes is data that matches your criteria, then we'll instantly direct it toward the necessary streaming service! This helps to reduce the complexity of setting up data pipelines, while at the same time providing more flexibility and scalability. By leveraging our powerful query engine and advanced analytics capabilities, Apica provides an easy way to selectively filter out only the most important pieces of information so companies can be confident they are making informed decisions with current, accurate data.

Supported Streaming Services

  • AWS Kinesis

  • Google Pub/Sub

  • Azure EventHub

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