Apica's LogFlow manages all of its incoming data flows by writing 100% of its data to InstaSore. Built on top of any object store, InstaStore is fully indexed storage that allows instant search, re

What is InstaStore?

InstaStore is a new novel storage paradigm built by Apica to meet the demands on modern high-volume business environments. InstaStore runs on top of any object storage. Traditional observability architectures are hampered by storage operations overheads at scale. Running out of disk space is all too common. Node failures and storage recovery is common place. Tiered storage to solve these challenges introduces even more complexity without any immedia benefits. All these issues force teams to spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with storage operations vs focusing on their core expertise and business problems.

Just like there is Shadow IT, there is a hidden storage tax that is paid by every enterprise. Our mission is to free observability platforms from storage operations overheads. ZeroStorageTax for day 1 and beyond use is now possible with InstaStore.

Apica's approach to solve this fundamental problem was to make any object store a primary storage layer and make it perform like real-time storage. We cleanly decoupled Storage and Compute and made high volume data requirements simple to install, use and scale.

InstaStore was the culmination of over 2 years of research and development in a garage style engineering sprint, though done on Zoom and Google Meet sessions due to COVID-19.

Benefits of InstaStore

SIMPLICITY: Stores 100% of all data in object storage as primary data storage - no secondary tier

QUERY READY: 100% Indexed, searchable, comparable & mineable in real-time!

SPEED: Old Data or New Data - Same Time to First Byte (TTFB)

TIME TRAVEL: It is possible to go back in time! Go back in time and replay any old data to any target, anytime

DATA OWNERSHIP: 100% of data belongs to you, not Apica

EFFICIENCY: No storage management projects. Ever.

OPENNESS: Open data format eliminating vendor lock-in and guaranteeing future-readiness

FLEXIBILITY: Works with environments of any size – small to large

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